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- Course -

Possible Criteria: • German proficiency up to A2 level • Clear accent of your native language or dialect • Interest in the in-depth theoretical basis of German phonetics and its systematic approach
Program: Vowel Letters • Consonant Letters • Letter Combinations • Letter Combination ⟨CH⟩ • Letter ⟨R⟩ • Pronunciation Rules PDF File
Materials: • PDF handouts Demo • MP3 audio files Demo
Number, Duration, and Frequency of Hours: • At least 15 hours • 60 min each • Once a week at most
Description: During the class, I will first provide a theoretical explanation and read out examples for you to repeat. I will then evaluate and correct your pronunciation until it no longer contains an accent (for now). In between our online classes, you can listen to the audio file accompanying the information sheet to review and repeat all examples. Please keep in mind that this course focuses purely on theory and examples, so the acquisition process may take longer than with a pronunciation training. For German beginners, however, it is best suited, as it covers all reading rules right away and provides the perfect phonetic foundation.
Task: If your user level in German is at least A1, please create a recording of your current German pronunciation before starting the course so you can compare it to your improved pronunciation afterwards.
Hourly Rate: See General section

- Training -

Possible Criteria: • German proficiency starting at A2 level • Clear or slight accent of your native language or dialect • Completed phonetics course
Materials: • PDF handouts Demo • PDF textsDemo • PDF word lists Demo
Duration of Hours: 60 min each
Hourly Rate: See General section
Description: During our pronunciation training, you will read out various texts, sentences, or word lists provided by me. These materials will focus on specific sounds or pronunciation phenomena as the relevant letters are marked. I will address your pronunciation errors and provide detailed explanations, with the level of difficulty increasing as we progress through the topics. The acquisition process will take less time than during the phonetics course, but it lacks systematic theoretical explanations, which may result in a loss of motivation on your part.
Task: If you have not previously taken a phonetics course with me, please create a recording of your current German pronunciation before starting the training so you can compare it to your improved pronunciation afterwards.

- Conversation -

Possible Criteria: • German proficiency starting at B1 level • Slight accent of your native language or dialect • Interest in cultivating the German accent • Completed pronunciation training
Duration of Hours: 60 min each
Hourly Rate: See General section
Description: In our conversation sessions, we will have spontaneous conversations about various topics, and I will address and correct any pronunciation errors you may have.
Task: If you have not taken either a phonetics course or a pronunciation training with me before, please create a recording of your current German pronunciation before starting our conversation sessions so you can compare it with your improved pronunciation afterwards.

- Preparation -

Criterion: Organizing a public speech (presentation for partners, talk to the management, video address on your website, celebratory speech, etc.)
Materials: Your text(s)
Duration of Hours: 60 min each
Description: In these sessions, the focus will be solely on improving and refining the pronunciation of your prepared speech text. We will work on the flow and clarity of your delivery without going into the detailed theory of standard German phonetics.
Hourly Rate: See General section

- Singing -

Possible Criteria: • Singing as a hobby • Organizing a singing performance
Materials: Your lyrics
Duration of Hours: 60 min each
Hourly Rate: See General section
Description: Singing and speaking involve completely different vocal functions, with higher air pressure during sound production, slower music tempo, stretched syllables, and different tension changes, resulting in changes in sound quality, stronger word emphasis, and a more neutral accent in the musical language. Some phonetic phenomena may also be partially or completely omitted in favor of a more melodic sound, and the choice of some sounds may depend on the music genre. During our session, you will sing your prepared song to me, and I will address all your pronunciation errors until I can no longer hear an accent.

- Analysis -

Criteria: • German proficiency starting at B1 level • Limited time or financial means for a long-term collaboration (course or training) • Interest in determining your pronunciation level and main pronunciation errors as well as in my pronunciation tips
Number and Duration of Hours: 1 × 60 min
Description: In this analysis session, I will listen to you speak spontaneously, identify your pronunciation level, and address all main pronunciation errors so you get an idea of what to pay attention to in your everyday life. If necessary, I will give you tips on how to improve.
Hourly Rate: See General section

- Consultation -

Criteria: • Collection of specific theoretical questions on standard German phonetics • No (further) interest in improving your own pronunciation
Duration of Hours: 60 min each
Description: During this consultation session, you can ask me any theoretical questions on standard German phonetics, which I answer spontaneously.
Hourly Rate: See General section

- Trial -

Criteria: • Indecision regarding the lesson types mentioned above • Interest in a long-term collaboration (course or training)
Number and Duration of Hours: 1 × approx. 45 min
Rate: EUR 10.00 (incl. VAT)
Description: In this trial lesson, I will first get to know you and listen to you speak so I can find out what your learning goals are and finally determine the most suitable lesson type for you. I will also go over our lesson schedule and provide a brief introduction to the theory if necessary. At the end of the trial lesson, both you and I can still choose not to continue with further lessons if there are reasons for that.


Hourly Rate (Excluding Trial Lesson): EUR 60.00 (incl. VAT)
Payment:Bank Transfer / PayPal / Payment Card / Card + Booking • Advance payment • Flexible number & frequency of payments • Invoice upon request
Video-Call Platform: Skype / Zoom / MS Teams
Language of Instruction: German / English
Requirements: • Stable internet connection • Webcam • Punctuality & discipline • patience


Native German Tutor

I use standard German on a daily basis and have extensive experience working with students from various countries.

Unique Method

Clear schemes and pronunciation rules help you understand why Germans speak the way they speak and apply them into practice.

Flexible Schedule

Depending on my free capacity, I teach classes anytime during the day, including weekends.

Wide Choice

Choose between a full-fledged course or another type of lesson, one-to-one or group classes, the language of instruction, etc.

Affordable Pricing

The rates shown on this page are lower than the average market rates for professional phonetics classes.

Convenient Payment

You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, or payment card, for multiple or individual lessons.

Worthwhile Investment

My classes provide new opportunities and empower you to become more confident and be better understood by German native speakers.

Special Offer

Recommend me to a new course or training student and receive an additional lesson for free!


- When can I start taking classes?
- Do I need a printer at home?
- Do I receive all course materials at once?
- Can I pause or cancel classes at any time?
- How often and for how many hours do I need to pay in advance?
- Can I record and save my classes for personal use?
- Is it possible to take group classes?
- I live in your vicinity. Do you also offer in-person classes?
- How do the course and training classes differ?
- How long does the full course take?
- Are there any age restrictions?
- Will I actually speak German without an accent?

B E F O R E - A N D - A F T E R C O M P A R I S O N

Before-and-After Comparison | DEUTSCH OHNE AKZENT

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Julia’s classes give a unique opportunity not only to learn an authentic "Hochdeutsch" accent from a highly qualified native speaker but also to feel it, comprehend the origins of sounds, compare them to similar sounds in other languages. Julia brings you to a fascinating world of German phonetics, she is a talented teacher and а restless explainer. The progress in the way you speak German in the beginning of your training and after is enormous. You literally start feeling different, you learn a German accent but you obtain much more—a new life role, a unique chance on its own.
I'm about 2/3 of the way through the course and I'm impressed with how much my pronunciation has improved. I thought I'd never be able to pronounce the German R after three years of trying, but Julia was able to coach me over that hurdle (and a number of others). The classes are very fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation, or just get an interesting look into how pronunciation of the language works.
I was one of Julia's first students, and I'm very glad that I took a phonetic course under her guidance. Her dedication and professional approach to her work can't leave anyone indifferent. During the course, she explains every sound, phenomenon, and rule in detail and very clearly so that there shouldn't be any questions left. My proper pronunciation has made me much more confident in communicating in German, and the knowledge gained now opens up more opportunities for me in both everyday and professional life.
A very interesting lesson with Julia! I speak Luxembourgish (a German dialect), and she patiently identified small details that betray my accent as a non-native speaker and described the theoretical underpinnings of the pronunciation of each sound that gave me trouble. This will help me improve my standard German (Hochdeutsch) even further. Highly recommended! Thank you, Julia.
Julia offers a very specialized course that provides a lot of value. The course is very specific and targeted and also very rare. If you want to reduce your accent in German, you should definitely look at Julia's course. I wrote this note in English because I believe this course is particularly helpful for people who start or just started. Beginners are in the perfect spot to start with good habits. This being said, the course is also very helpful for advanced students. The music of languages is indeed a fascinating topic!
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